Mishia Brown, RN, BSN

Mishia Brown, RN, BSN, has been with IRMS since 2004. Mishia’s dual roles as both a Nurse Coordinator and Coordinator of the Egg Donor Program at IRMS involve a wide range of clinical and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, Mishia is dedicated to establishing clear channels of communication with her patients. “You have to first listen”, she says, “That’s the most important thing.”

Being an effective listener helps Mishia to fulfill her patients’ needs by seeing their individual challenges as they do:

“I never say ‘I understand’ because I haven’t gone through it. But I do truly appreciate what my patients are saying—and I try to help them to reach their goals.”

Prior to joining IRMS, Mishia was a reproductive nurse coordinator and a case manager at The Diamond Institute for Infertility in Milburn, NJ. She also worked as a visiting nurse for the Essex Valley Visiting Nurse Association following her graduation from college.

Mishia’s higher education was originally oriented towards business and computer science, but she quickly switched to nursing because it was more ‘human’. She graduated with high honors and a BSN in nursing from Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey in 1997.