Research at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas

In 1995, the Institute was founded on the principle that the highest level of reproductive medical care was achievable only with the continuous support of a strong research program. Over the years, IRMS scientists and physicians have contributed significantly to the field of reproductive medicine, and the patients who received the first benefit from these advances have been IRMS patients.

One of the principle areas of research at IRMS has been in the field of preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Dr. Santiago Munne has been the leader in our effort to utilize this technology to assist patients become pregnant when they otherwise would not, and to maintain their pregnancies to full term. The PGD research group has demonstrated, in multiple studies, the benefits of PGD to promote pregnancy and reduce the likelihood of miscarriage in older patients, in patients with chromosomal translocations, and for patients afflicted with recurrent pregnancy loss. Technical advances developed by Dr. Munne and his staff have dramatically improved the effectiveness of the PGD technology.

Research at IRMS over the years has also focused on oocyte and embryo cryopreservation, embryo culture, micromanipulative procedures to improve embryo development and implantation, and embryo selection protocols. Drs. Jacques Cohen and John Garrisi, along with Drs. Mina Alikani, James Stacheki, and many others have improved cryopreservation procedures, refined assisted hatching and fragment removal procedures (first introduced by Dr. Cohen in 1991) , and identified and characterized several markers of embryo fitness, among many other advances. The data from these investigations has been published in more than 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals, for the benefit of the medical community and infertile patients throughout the world. A partial bibliography can be found in the References section.

The Institute maintains its strong dedication to research focusing on a variety of areas with the sustained participation of Drs. Jacques Cohen and Santiago Munne and their associates. Dr. Cohen is the Scientific Director of Tyho-Galileo Laboratories, an independent research group located in Livingston that is committed to furthering our understanding of the human infertility condition, and to the development of scientific measures to assist infertile patients. Dr. Munne is the Director of Reprogenetics, a leading provider of preimplantation genetics services and an active research laboratory also located in Livingston. The scientists and physicians of IRMS continue to collaborate daily with the members of Tyho-Galileo Laboratories and Reprogenetics, in a number of areas of IRB-approved research.