The Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science at Saint Barnabas PA (IRMS) is pleased to offer fertility financing to qualified patients in association with CapexMD LLC (Capex).

Term Loans are available to finance your fertility needs:

  1. Apply on line on or call 888-497-8414 to initiate the loan underwriting process
  2. Annual percentage rates range between 9 and 15%, based on your criteria
  3. Terms loans of up to 48 months are available
  4. 24 hour underwriting and turnaround
  5. There is a one time application fee
  6. Payments are made electronically

Contact your Financial Coordinator for further details about CapexMD. Susan Blomgren can be reached at 973-322-9928, Kim Ayala can be reached at 973-322-2684 and Tunisha McCain can be reached at 973-322-2216.

Capex is specifically for fertility financing fees only. Facility fees or Genetics testing fees are not eligible to be financed through Capex.

Please review the Capex website in its entirety.

IRMS strives for complete patient satisfaction with all aspects of its fertility practice. IRMS requests to be notified immediately if any of your related experiences are not satisfactory. Contact Josephine Fegorello, Patient Relationship Manager, at 973-322-5554, with any issues.

If fertility financing is obtained through Capex, medication financing might also be available through DesignRX, a Capex affiliate. Please consult with CapexMD, if you desire medication financing.