Patricia L. Hughes, MD

Dr. Hughes is an affiliated private practice physician on the IVF team at IRMS at Saint Barnabas as well as an attending physician on staff at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. She is a former Medical Director of the original IVF Clinic begun at Saint Barnabas in 1992.

Dr. Hughes works in the IRMS OR doing retrievals and transfers as part of the IRMS physician team as well as treats her own private practice patients in her office in Hackensack, NJ.

Dr. Hughes completed her fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, where she served as assistant professor and practiced as an integral member of that program’s IVF clinic team. She has been a practicing reproductive endocrinologist for over 30 years.

Hackensack Office Contact Information

Admin Coordinator
Hyland Thompson 201.342.3428
Iliana Zampella, RN 201.342.3428
Financial Counselor
Hyland Thompson 201.342.3428