Our Fertility Patient Success Stories

We cannot thank the team at IRMS enough. Dr. Keegan you are a medical genius – we trusted you and we have a baby on the way:).  Danielle, you walked us through every step of the way and we thank you for that.  Nikki – if I could carry you in my pocket so that only you could take my blood I would:).  Alisha – thanks for always being there with a smile.  Margo – you were a pleasant addition when we would go to Monmouth.  Dr. Hessler – thank you for being the stand-in when Dr. Keegan wasn’t there, we couldn’t ask for a better back up for our care.  Dr. Garrisi – you were the one to retrieve and implant our baby girl so thank you!!!

We would like to thank everyone at IRMS for making our dream come true. Jayna wouldn’t be here without all of your support and hard work! Please convey our gratitude to Dr. Garrisi and Dr. Chen.
—Jayna, 2017

I first went to IRMS in 2011 and met with Dr. Garrisi (we were in and out of the practice from 2011-2017 having 1 daughter via IVF and a current pregnancy). My husband and I felt comfortable with her honesty and expertise from our very first appointment. My coordinator, Jaime, has answered many of my panicked phone calls a minute before her shift ended over the years. Dr. Pascale booked appointments with me for the same day. There is always someone available to help you with each detail of your journey. I can’t say enough about Dr. Garrisi, Dr. Keegan, Dr. Pascale, Jaime, Nurse Maria and Nurse Mishia. They were my core group of caregivers and I always know that I can count on them. The front desk personnel and the phlebotomists are top notch. I would highly recommend using IRMS!!
—Mandy, 2017

Thank you IRMS and Dr. Cekleniak for working with us and treating us as individuals instead of using a standard protocol.  Dr. Cekleniak worked with us and refined our protocol after every failed attempt until we were able to successfully conceive. We completed 3 IUIs and 3 IVFs in 16 months after being diagnosed with DOR (Diminished Ovarian Reserve).  After the second failed IVF, we considered not moving forward but Dr. Cekleniak and the Embryologists at IRMS were confident in our chances of getting pregnant.  The reassurance and refinement in our treatment gave my husband and I the confidence that we needed to continue on this journey.  Lucky IVF number three resulted in the birth of our daughter, Adeline Grae, on February 22, 2017.  We consider ourselves so blessed and cannot thank the IRMS team enough for all that they did to help us become parents.
—Kelly, Greg & Adeline, 2017

Dr. Hessler and her team are absolutely amazing. I would recommend IRMS to any couple experiencing fertility challenges. Going through fertility treatments is a very difficult process, but Dr. Hessler and her team (esp. Jennifer G.) made the process much more comfortable. Dr. Hessler was very straightforward and honest with us and always remained positive and kept us confident that we would achieve the goal of having a family. After one round of IVF, I’m now 11 weeks pregnant, thanks to IRMS!
—Caitlin B. in Westfield, 2016

Hi All-It’s Kelly, your favorite patient from the Clark office! LOL. I just wanted to let you know that I had a little girl last month! Her name is Paige and she’s a sweetie pie. I hope you are doing well. I know my time is done at IRMS but I cannot thank you enough for all those mornings where your smiling face and support made the burden less heavy.
—Kelly, Mom of two IRMS IVF babies, 2017

Dr. Chen and the staff at IRMS-words cannot express the eternal gratitude my family and I have for your staff. Our experience at IRMS was nothing short of amazing during our 5 months of treatment with you. We feel very lucky to be one of the miracles “made” by love and science. Our new baby girl Mae (which means “shaft of God”) will know forever how wanted and loved she was before she was born! Thank you again for your professionalism, expertise, love, compassion and excellent care! Forever grateful-
—Michelle, Steve, Michaela and Mae, Aug 2018

I want to thank Dr. Cekleniak who is a wonderful person.

I am really thankful that I chose the right place for the most important decisions of my life. Both IUI and IVF were successful. IUI at the age of 36, the first attempt I got pregnant. Second IVF at the age of 43. Both of my daughters are healthy which is the foremost thing for any parent. This time with IVF I had a chance to meet with Dr. C many times as I was looking for a male embryo but I had no luck. Her guidance made it easy for me to make a decision that I should go for a female, healthy embryo, which I already got in first attempt of IVF.

Whenever I see my healthy girls, after God, I thank IRMS from the bottom of my heart.

I haven’t gotten a chance to go back to the IRMS Clark office where I visited most frequently from May 2016 through December 2017. Countless ultrasounds, which were the most difficult thing for me, were made easy by the caring sonographers.

All the staff is superb there!
—Abeer, 2018

Hi Dr. Mann and Bernice – Little Tommy was born on May 17th at 10:11 am. He was 6 pounds 15 ounces  and 20 inches long. We can’t thank you enough for this happy, healthy, and handsome bundle of joy!! He is the love of our lives and was worth the wait!!!
—Love, Tom and Monica May, 2017

We are so thankful to Dr. Thompson – she is beyond exceptional! From the first visit in her office, having to share difficult results in a calm and clear manner, without panicking us. And, when asking her opinion on the best course of action – giving us a decisive and confident response – Dr. T in coordination with the entire IRMS team (nurses, billing/insurance, reception) are the reason we have 2 beautiful children less than 3 years from that first visit. Dr. Thompson and IRMS is the best decision my husband and I ever made!!
—Alison Marchitelli