IRMS Gestational Carrier Program

What is a Gestational Carrier?

A Gestational Carrier (GC) is a woman who becomes pregnant and carries that pregnancy to term for another person or couple. Unlike a surrogate, a GC has no genetic link to the fetus she is carrying. The eggs provided either come from the Intended Parent or from a third party Egg Donor. In either case the child born from a Gestational Carrier IVF cycle is intended to be the legal child of the Intended Parents and not the GC. In order to protect the intended parents parental rights and the GC’s right to be free of parental obligations once the child is born, the couple must see a reproductive lawyer for appropriate advice.

IRMS provides Gestational Carrier IVF cycles for those patients that exhibit a clinical indication for this procedure. Candidates may include those women who do not have a uterus (possibly due to a prior hysterectomy) or who have a uterus that has proven not to function properly. Some of these cases may include women who have experienced unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss due to a uterine abnormality, or who present with medical conditions that would put them at serious risk during a pregnancy. The use of a GC is also an option for male couples who seek to have a child.

IRMS has an entire team of highly-trained professionals dedicated solely to our Gestational Carrier and third party reproduction cases. They work intimately with the Intended Parent(s) and the Gestational Carrier to make the cycle itself run as smoothly as possible as well as to provide an overall positive experience for all parties involved. Within our Gestational Carrier IVF program we work closely with the offices of Melissa Brisman, Esq. to draft all of the necessary legal contracts between the Intended Parents and the GC as well as to find the carrier and organize the carriers screening with IRMS. More information on her practice can be found at

If you seek more information on our Gestational Carrier program here at IRMS please contact Claudia Pascale, PhD at 973.322.5356 or call to set up an appointment with one of our physicians at 973.322.8286.

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