Kim E. Neilley, RN

Kim E. Neilley, RN, started with the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science early in 2009. She went to Bayonne Medical Center School and has been an RN since 2006. Kim started out in the NICU at St. Peter’s Hospital, then in POST and ANTE Partum unit at Meadowlands Hospital. In 2007 Kim made a change into reproductive medicine and she was an IVF nurse coordinator and Nurse Manager at the Diamond Institute. When Kim joined (IRMS) Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science, she was able to enjoy the best part of being an RN, which to her is the interaction with her patients. She really loves her job and feels that she is continually making a difference in her patient’s lives.

“If I can make this experience a little easier for someone, than I feel that I have succeeded.” Kim has been an infertility patient herself and she understands how her patients feel and what they are going through.

“…I am honest with my patients, they know they can trust me, I always want to be a sounding board or a shoulder for my patients to lean on when they need it. They need to feel safe in this scary adventure. I tell some patients that we make plans and then life happens. Each patient is different from the next, we can’t use a cookie cutter approach in their treatment.”