Gestational Carrier

Gestational Surrogate/Carrier is a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy for another (Intended Parent). In using a Gestational Carrier the Intended Parent’s fertilized egg (embryo) is implanted in her uterus.

Gestational Carrier and Egg Donor

When using a Gestational Carrier,
the carrier does not provide the egg and is therefore not biologically (genetically) related to the child.

A gestational carrier may also be called a gestational surrogate. Because the eggs will be retrieved from one woman and implanted in another, this technique requires the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is when eggs are fertilized in the laboratory and a limited number of resulting embryo(s) are transferred into the uterus of the carrier. Here at IRMS we have a very successful Single Embryo Transfer Program (SET) to drastically reduce the occurrence of multiple pregnancies. You will be counseled on the benefits of considering SET when you embark on your donor-assisted IVF cycle.

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