Financial Considerations Associated with Treatment

Many patients have questions about the financial issues associated with fertility treatment.
Some of those questions include:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Will I be able to afford it?
  • Do I have insurance coverage for the service(s) I need?
  • How do I get answers about my insurance coverage?
  • What if my insurer won’t pay for some or all of the services I need?

Any or all of these issues can add significant stress to the existing anxiety of dealing with the issue of needing assisted reproduction. At IRMS, we understand this and, therefore, we work to make the financial and insurance process as straight-forward and patient-friendly as possible.

Each patient at IRMS has their own financial counselor, who will work with them to address payment-related issues, including insurance benefits, pre-authorizations, and other payment arrangements. In addition to meeting the physician and other clinical staff during the first visit, our patients also meet with their financial counselor to review the costs/insurance issues related to their specific treatment needs. Of course, our counselors are also available to assist if financial or insurance issues arise at any time during the course of the treatment process.

Financing options


The AttainIVF programs provide patients multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee. We are excited to offer these plans to our patients, because we are committed to making IVF care as accessible as possible – including patients with limited or no insurance coverage for treatment.


CapexMD is a fertility financing option with term loans available to assist you in covering your fertility needs. You can apply online at or call 1.888.497.8414

Term loans up to 48 months are available.