Renee Walmsley, MSc

Renee Walmsley MSc, is the Supervisor of the Embryology Lab. She started work with Drs. Garrisi and Cohen in 1994, and has, through commitment and intellect, gradually assumed a leadership role in the lab. Renee holds a Masters degree with distinction in Clinical Embryology, one of the first American embryologists to be so qualified.

Renee is insightful in her evaluation of individual embryo development, with a sense for the correct approach to embryo management in the laboratory that is at the same time science-based and intuitive. Her capabilities in applied embryological research are a continuing asset to IRMS and its patients and she is involved in many of the applications of new technology into the IRMS lab. Her works in describing the effects of multinucleation on embryo development, on the cryopreservation of single sperm, and in embryo biopsy have contributed considerably to the overall laboratory effort. She has been an invited speaker, nationally and internationally, on a variety of subjects pertaining to the IVF laboratory. Renee’s wide-ranging academic interests have been instrumental in keeping the IRMS laboratory on the cutting edge of embryologic patient care.