Looking for Fertility Doctors in NJ? Meet the IRMS Team

Welcome to The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas. Our fertility specialists are here to help you with any questions or concerns regarding IVF, assisted reproduction, egg donation, preimplantation genetic diagnosis – PGD, infertility, and anything associated with having a baby. At IRMS, a large number of professionals experienced in all aspects of Assisted Reproduction – from reproductive medicine and nursing, to embryology and genetics, all work together to contribute to treatment plans that focus on the individual needs of each patient. In a unified approach to infertility care, it is routine for the patient’s primary physician to seek the opinion of IRMS specialists before finalizing the treatment plan. The embryology team performs its own review of every aspect of the patient history that may impact laboratory treatment, and then coordinates their approach in detail with the patient’s primary physician.

Meet Our Team of Fertility Specialists and Reproductive Endocrinologists:


Natalie Cekleniak, M.D.

Serena H. Chen, M.D.

Margaret Graf Garrisi, MD

Debbra A. Keegan, M.D.

Stephanie M. Thompson, M.D.

Sarah C. Hessler, M.D.

Patricia L. Hughes, M.D.

Jessica S. Mann, M.D.


MaryFran Cini, RN, BS

Patricia Rucinsky, RN, BSN

Maria Jackson, RN

Wanda Hofsegang, RN

Kim Schmidt, RN

Jennifer Malinconico, RN

Jennifer Giordano, RN

Jackie Thompson, RN

Danielle McNulty, RN


John Garrisi, PhD

Renee Walmsley MSc

Eric Koerner

Adrienne Reing

Kelly Sagerer

Renee Stavron


Claudia Pascale, PhD