Wanda Hofgesang, BS, RN

Wanda Hofgesang, BS, RN is a change of career nurse; she obtained her BS in Business Administration/Finance from Montclair State College. After working in the business field for a few years with a mutual fund company she decided to pursue Nursing. “I have always been interested in Health/Science and specifically Women’s Health. As I have two sisters who are also nurses, one could say ‘nursing runs in my family’. ”

Wanda received her RN at Mountainside School of Nursing in Montclair and has worked in Reproductive Medicine for the last 15 years, most recently with RMANJ.

“I love the teaching aspect of nursing. Fertility patients have the challenge of trying to understand some complicated terminology. I enjoy trying to make the complicated seem not so intimidating.”

In her free time Wanda loves Jazzercise, dancing, cooking and gardening as well as visiting Cape Cod each summer to spend time with family. She loves the RED SOX and PATRIOTS and is an avid sports enthusiast. She also rescues and fosters stray cats until she can find them a new home.